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How Our Service Works

Get your grill cleaned and functioning properly for the season. Without the hassle!

What we offer

Canadian BBQ Boys offers a professional barbecue cleaning service to help homeowners get the most out of the grilling season. Our detailed process focuses on removing all grease and grime buildup from all internal and external components of the barbecue.

Booking your service

To get a quote and book your service you can contact us directly or you can quickly set up an online account through our online portal to get a quote, schedule your service, and view all your past and upcoming service history!

What to expect

Once you book your service we will call you to confirm the booking details. You will also receive a confirmation email with the booking information. On the date scheduled our highly trained professional team of cleaners will show up onsite, for 2-3 hours to clean your grill!

Assessment and Setup

Our process starts by completing a full assessment of the barbecue for any rusting or broken parts that may be causing functional issues. We then set up a large tarp in order to ensure that there is no mess left behind.

Starting to Clean

Next, we'll get started by using a variety of our hand tools and cleaning aids, working all the way from the hood, down through the firebox, working on each component individually to remove any grease/grime, animal droppings, dead insects and food bacteria.

Finishing off

We then empty and clean the bottom tray and drip pan and make sure to wipe down the under cabinet. We finish with a polish of the exterior leaving the grill cleaned and ready for use. Learn more about our process by visiting our Service Summary Page!

Why book our Service?


Health Canada recommends proper BBQ cleaning and maintenance each and every season. If you haven’t cleaned your grill within the last 6 months, there is a good chance that rats, mice, or other rodents have lived, snacked or left droppings inside your grill!


Flare-ups and grease fires can cause significant safety concerns and can be a very scary experience. Check with your local fire department, their is a good chance that they recommend or have issued statements preaching the importance for proper BBQ cleaning and maintenance.


A clean BBQ will typically function a lot better and last much longer leading to a better grilling experience and better-tasting food. Have you experienced issues with uneven heat distribution, or with your grill not reaching as high of a temperature as it once did? A proper cleaning may just be what your grill needs to restore it to its former glory!

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Have you noticed that some of the parts of your barbecue are rusted out, have been damaged or are not performing properly. Or perhaps you're just in need of high quality bbq scraper, cover or other grilling accessory?

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Save yourself the time of visiting multiple retail stores to find the exact part or product you need. Instead you can shop right online! We carry replacement parts for all barbecue makes and models and will have them shipped right to your home.

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Matt Chevalier

"Awesome experience...I have a 4 year old BBQ that has never been cleaned and it looks like NEW! The detail and care that the tech putt into cleaning was awesome. I'll do this (with these guys) every year from now on."

Matt Chevalier
Sally Sadek

I have never seen my bbq this clean. Matt and Liam were super polite and very knowledgeable about what they are doing. will be getting my bbq cleaned yearly."

Sally Sadek
Annie Mav

"Our 11 yr old Napoleon bbq was in desperate need of a major cleaning. My husband was very sceptical about paying someone to do a job that he normally does but he had to admit that he could not have done what they accomplished..."

Annie Mav

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