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Canadian BBQ Boys offers a barbecue cleaning service to help homeowners get the most out of the grilling season. Our detailed process focuses on removing all grease and grime buildup individually from each component of the barbecue, detailing each part with a unique process.

Canadian BBQ Boys crew members are fully trained in cleaning the most popular barbecue makes and models and can support you with ordering replacement parts for your grill. Canadian BBQ Boys offers a wide selection of replacement parts for many of the most popular barbecue makes and models that can be ordered right online. We also have a selection of accessories such as grill brushes and grill covers.

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Why should I keep my barbecue clean?

Health Canada states that grill owners should “make sure the barbecue and burners are clean and the briquettes do not have a lot of grease buildup.” We encourage all customers to properly inspect the grill before use or contact a licensed professional to do so. This will help avoid any potential safety issues that may arise when using the barbecue. 

Conducting a deep clean of the grill is also important to avoid dangerous toxins from animal droppings and insects from getting into the food placed on the grill. Lastly, a properly maintained barbecue can last several years longer than a neglected barbecue due to reduced rusting, erosion and weathering.

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How often should I get my barbecue cleaned?

Canadian BBQ Boys recommends cleaning your grill twice per season for barbecues under normal use (1-2 times per week in the summer, periodically in the winter). The grill should be inspected by the homeowner or a licensed professional and cleaned prior to the first use of the season for health and safety and again towards the end of the season for longevity.

Canadian BBQ Boys Barbecue Cleaning Service - BBQ - Student Summer Job

Why choose Canadian BBQ Boys?

Established in 2015, Canadian BBQ Boys was founded by two hard-working University students and passionate grill enthusiasts. Since our inception, we have serviced over 2000 barbecues across southern Ontario and a unique set of skills and knowledge for common barbecues.

Above all else, our business is relentlessly focused on providing customers with a valuable experience that goes beyond just the cleaning service we provide with our seamless booking process, general barbecue maintenance tips online as well as after service support.

Our company has gotten the attention of media networks including CP24 Toronto News Network as well as national coverage on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. We are currently the highest rated company in the industry and continue to receive positive feedback from our customers.

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