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Canadian BBQ Boys Large Double Sided Grill Scraper (MADE IN CANADA)

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This heavy-duty grill brush is the ultimate brush for grillers! Its design and durability have earned it the nickname "The Battleaxe" from chefs throughout Ontario. This brush features two different styles of heads. One side has tooth-like flat wire bristles that are used to scrape away any food burnt onto the grill. The other side features finer round wires to sweep away anything that gets left behind. The "Battleaxe" comes on a 30" handle so you can reach the back of the grill with clearance from the heat without elbowing the person behind you.  



  • Quality - Lasts 3 -5 x longer than any imported brush

  • Safety - Superior manufacturing methods virtually eliminate the risk of bristle loss

  • Versatility - two different style brush heads for perfect cleaning

  • Made in Canada with North American wire and Canadian hardwood

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