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Napoleon Burner Tube Kit for LEX Series

SKU S81001

The S81001 Napoleon burner kit, designed for the LEX series, comes with a burner and sear plate. Simultaneously letting you grill up like new again, while protecting those burners.

Designed for all Napoleon LEX grills, this kit comes with one stainless sear plate, one stainless burner, and one screw to safely secure the burner into the cookbox. Easily swap out with your old and rusted LEX parts to extend the life of your barbecue.

Replaces Napoleon Burner #N100 0036


  • Works with all Napoleon LEX series grills
  • Kit includes 1 sear plate, 1 burner and 1 mounting screw to secure the burner in place
  • Made of high quality #304 stainless steel for long lasting durability
  • Easily swap out to extend the life of your grill!

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