How To Troubleshoot BBQ Igniter Issues

How To Troubleshoot BBQ Igniter Issues

How to troubleshoot bbq igniter issues

— By Brad Killen

There is nothing worse than opening your BBQ, steaks in hand ready to cook up an amazing dinner for you and your loved ones and getting ready to find your BBQ just wont start. First off, we need to identify what style of igniter you have.  The main two styles are electric igniters and Piezo Igniters.

If your BBQ isn't igniting it can be many things but we will cover the main ones. 

To start, if you have an electric bbq igniter, when you press the button, you should hear a faint clicking sound repeating. If you don't hear that sound, you will likely need to replace the battery inside the igniter by simply twisting the igniter, taking out the battery and replacing it. If you do hear a click, and the BBQ still isn't igniting, you likely have grease and grime built up on the igniter and will need a BBQ Cleaning..

If you have the Piezo style igniter, and the BBQ isn't igniting, this style of igniter doesn't have a battery in it. When you press the igniter button, you should hear a click each time you press it. If you don't hear a click, ensure that all your wires underneath and attached to the igniter are still in place and not damaged by anything. If all looks to be in order, the igniter itself may have gone bad and it may be time to look to replace the igniter with a new Igniter Kit.

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